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HEYEMOJI Wooden Emoji Stamp Set - Includes 25 Wood & Rubber Stamp Emojis | Great for Kids, Teachers, Pen Pals, Scrapbooking, Planners & More!

  • 😀 ADD FUN TO YOUR PAPER CRAFTS Use emojis wherever you are writing or crafting - your scrapbook, teacher supplies, classwork, planner, journal, penpal letter, thank you note, party favors - endless creative possibilities!
  • ğŸŽ PERFECT CRAFTY GIFT For crafty child or adult - birthday, stocking stuffer, easter baskets -- whatever!
  • 🌲 HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS Wood and rubber stamps will last forever, set in New Zealand Pine box
  • ğŸ˜Ž EMOJI DESIGNS IN SET #1 Includes the 25 most used emojis: face with tears of joy, heart, heart eyes face, unamused face, smiling face with happy eyes, loudly crying face, face throwing a kiss, two hearts, smiling face, weary face, ok hand sign, pensive face, smirking face, grinning face, winking face, thumbs up sign, folded hands, relieved face, flushed face, celebration hands, smiling face with sunglasses, crying face, smiling face with open mouth, victory hand, hundred points symbol

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